X-Doria Genuine Neutron+ 11K Lightning Port

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X-Doria Neutron+ 11K Lightning Port

X-Doria Neutron; power at your fingertips.

Dual toned finish with a matte coating on the main base, gives the user a firm hold of the powerbank. While the mirror like finish on the top section gives the neutron a posh look setting it in a class all of its own. With an impressive 11000mAh battery the Neutron Plus is the bigger brother to the Neutron. With almost double the powerbank capacity, it allows you to keep your device charged for twice as long on the go!

Featuring a unique "Shake For Power" function, shaking the device turns the LED digital display on, giving you a full status on: Left over Powerbank Charge, Volt and AMP output/input (dependant on whether charging the powerbank or a device). Power input for charging the powerbank with either micro-USB or lightning USB input.


  • Dual USB Charging Ports (USB 1 - 2.1A, USB 2 - 1A)
  • Dual device simultaneous charging
  • 3.1A output
  • 11000mAh powerbank
  • 20 Hours per charge use
  • Built-in Lightning port (input)
  • Micro-usb port (input)
  • Included Micro-USB Cable



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